San Marcos River Restoration Plan Meeting May 12th

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The next San Marcos River Restoration Plan meeting will be on May 12th from 9am-12pm at the Price Center in San Marcos.

This meeting will include discussion on outreach and education (discussion to be led by Flo Oxley of the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center), bank stabilization ( discussion to be led by Melani Howard of the city of San Marcos) and Fish Passage and Dam Alteration/Removal (discussion to be led by Mara Alexander of the USFWS ).

Please contact Mara Alexander with any questions (contact information below).

Thank you for your interest in helping to restore the San Marcos River.

The address of the Price Center is 222 W. San Antonio St. It is downtown at the intersection of San Antonio and Comanche Streets. The building looks like an old rambling white church building with very large white columns on the front porch. Enter at the side, where a long ramp with white iron railings leads to a doorway marked Entrance. Please do not park in the alley, which is the parking area for the elderly clients to reach the ramp easily. Please park at the abandoned service station across the alley from Tantra Coffeehouse, fronting on Hopkins Street. Tantra is the red building across the street from HEB, and Tantra backs up to our Price Center. If there is not enough parking there at the old service station, Dianne will stand outside and direct those coming to our meeting to another lot nearby, where our employees park.

Mara L. Alexander, Ph.D.
Region 2 Dive Officer
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
San Marcos National Fish Hatchery and Technology Center
500 E McCarty Lane
San Marcos, TX 78666
(512)-353-0011 x228
Fax: (512)-353-0856


Aquifer Groups Hosted US Fish and Wildlife Town Hall Meeting on Critical Habitat for Devils River Minnows

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The Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance and Kinney County Ground Zero hosted a town hall meeting to inform the public about the designation of Critical Habitat for the Devils River Minnow in Kinney County, featuring experts from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). Joy Nicholopoulos (USFWS State Administrator), Adam Zerrenner (USFWS Field Supervisor), and Nathan Allan (Fisheries Biologist) answered questions about the recent designation of critical habitat for the Devils River Minnow in Pinto Creek. They also discussed how people in Kinney County can help conserve the minnow and the streams where it lives.

Annalisa Peace, Executive Director of the Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance said, “The Alliance is hosting this town hall meeting on behalf of our Brackettville member group, Kinney County Ground Zero. We hope the expertise provided at this forum will enable the local community to make informed decisions on matters affecting the species and Kinney County’s water resources.”

For more information on Critical Habitat for the Devils River Minnow:

US Fish and Wildlife Service has published “Questions and Answers – Devils River Minnow Critical Habitat,” which can be downloaded from here.


HaysCan News Roundup

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Growth in Hays County is straining our roads, open spaces and water supply. Citizens are demanding intelligent, honest planning for future growth and special interests are jockeying for influence and a stake in the lucrative development bonanza.

The RoundUp invites you to tune in as we will be presenting the “healthy skeptic’s view,” digging below the spin and uncovering the truth behind the votes and decisions of our local government decision makers.

Read more here.

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