Browse these documents to find information about a variety of topics, including global warming and water, permanent protection, development and sprawl, water quality and conservation, rainwater collection, endangered species, transportation, and general Edwards Aquifer information.

Permits for Sewage Infrastructure
Definition: Eutrophication
General threats to water quality from domestic wastewater discharges in the Hill Country
NB-HZ-TCEQ kicks permit dispute to administrative judge – January 21, 2016
Public Right of Use for Texas Waterways by – SabrinaHauser
Reduce Nutrient Pollution and Support for Incremental Actions to Protect Water Quality and Public Health
– Johnson Ranch
Application by DHJB Development, LLC for an Amendment to Texas Pollulanl – March 9, 2015
Citizen comments on TCEQ Commissioners to protect property rights and our water
Comments-TCEQJohnson Rancy Permit – September 9, 2015
Defendant Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s Notice of Appeal – February 28, 2017
Intervenors Initial Brief – Sept. 30, 2016
JRMUD Notice
Plaintiffs Initial Brief Aug.19, 2016
Plaintiffs’ Original Petition to Appeal TCEQ decision of July 1, 2015
Proposal For Decision – March 9, 2015
SOAH Stands Up for Rancher’s Property Rights (and Property) Trashed by Neighboring Housing Development
TCEQ grants permit to take land for private developer despite judge – August 5, 2015
TCEQ Response brief
– Meyers Ranch
Comal sprawl: Growth sees development gobble up agricultural land – March 29, 2015
Comments for Comal County Commissioners – March 12, 2015
Friends of Dry Comal Creek Protest Creation of WCID in Comal County
Governors office letter Abott – September 11, 2015
NB-HearalZietung – May 17, 2016
NB-HZ-TCEQ kicks permit dispute to administrative judge – Jan. 21, 2016
Response to Petition for Creation of Meyer Ranch Water Control and Improvement District by Petitioners
Settlement Agreement
– 4S Ranch
20160331 Settlement Agreement FINAL
4S WQ permit public meeting
Angry residents give developer earful about sewage dump
Executive Director’s Response to Public Comment
GEAA Request Contested 4S Ranch Permit April 29, 2016
– Trio Ranch – Save Fair Oaks Ranch!
Army Comments: TCEQ ED Counsel’s Response to Request for
GEAA Comments: TCEQ Reserve Fair Oaks Ranch – October 30, 2014
GEAA Request TCEQ Reconsideration – May 28, 2015
Reconsideration on Proposed Permit – August 27, 2015
Trio Wastewater Permit Comment Ltr – August 27,2014
Trio Wastewater Permit Request for Reconsideration – May 27, 2015
– Belterra – Map
Bear Creek Settlement Agreement
Development in Hill Country is accelerating – December 17, 2006
Resolution in Support of HB _ Prohibiting Discharge of Sewage Effluent into any water in the Contributing or Recharge Zone of the Edwards Aquifer
Restrictions on Discharges Second Draft-11-08
– Hills Castle Rock
Affluent effluent raises nearby residents’ wrath
BP Real Estate Investments TPDES 
Citizens Oppose Permit to Discharge Sewage Effluent
City Council To Consider Denial of Water Service to Hills of Castle Rock Subdivision
Comments on Pumped Aquifer Test Conducted at Proposed Hills of Castle Rock Development
EAA-BP Settlement Agreement
Enviromental Impact Assesment Of City Public Service Electrical Transmission Lines
Hearing Begins For Sewage Treatment Construction Plan 1
Hills of Castle Rock – Aerial Photo
Hills of Castle Rock – Dev Plat
Hills of Castle Rock opposition 
Hondo/ Anvil Article – November 27, 2008
New Development Threatens Swimming Hole & Edwards Aquifer
SAWS Takes Up Proposal to Serve Irresponsible Development In the Hill Country
Settlement Agreement

Eminent Domain
DE HON editorial:New BraunfelsHerald Zeitung- February 2016
News Release condemnation – February 9, 2016
San Antonio area is No. 6 in population growth in the U.S. among big metros

Vested Rights
Losing Ground

Vista Ridge
Alternative Water Supply Projects, James Murphy
Impacts on Carrizo Wilcox Aquifer, George Rice
History and Implications of Vista Ridge Contract, James Smyle
Risk, liability, and Vista Ridge Water Supply Project
Vista Ridge Project Position Paper – November 18, 2015
Vista Ridge Project Financial Questions Answered – November 18, 2015
Water Summit at Blue Star Brewery – April 6, 2017

SAWS CCN on Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone
Ask SAWS Board to Withdraw Applications to Expand Service
Battle Over CCN
Camp Bullis Brief to SAWS 22 Feb 2013 re Crescent Hills
Caveat-Amend CCN  

Comment: USFWS – November 5, 2010
Crescent Hills – March 11, 2013
GEAA PPT Presentation Comal County – March 11, 2013
GEAA recommendations to SAWS Board – July 20, 2014
Growth Strategy Statements KN – March 25, 2010
Providing Water and WW for Growth – July, 21 2014
RFC: Citizens protest SAWS plans to extend service into the Hill Country – January 17, 2007
RFC: GEAA calls For Moratorium – July 9, 2014
SAWS Policy and Planning – December 16, 2009
SAWS Role In Development of the Edwards Aquifer – October 29, 2014
SAWS Staff Presentation Service Development – February 25, 2013
SAWS Utility Service Regulations – September 10, 2015
Schindel Depo Unsigned – March 8, 2008
Supply and Demand don’t add up for SAWS – September 15, 2010
Timeline for SAWS CCN Applications and Recomendations – June 2008
To Protect Aquifer, Limit SAWS Service Area – June 20, 2014

Quarries and Aggregate Industry
Bulverde dust-up develops over proposed quarry
Comal Residents Protest Newest Rock Plant – October 17, 2017
Current and Projected Water Use in the Texas Mining and Oil and Gas Industry – June 2011
Dr Fitzgerald TCEQ Testimony – July 25, 2011
Edwards Quarry Best management practices – January 2012
Final: GEAA Rock Crusher Permits Comments – May 24, 2007
GEAA comments on Anderson Columbia permit- October 2017
Potential Environmental Impacts of Quarrying Stone in Karst: A Literature Review – 2001
Quarry opponents prepare for battle
Quarry plan surprises, riles Comal County residents
SAEN: Meeting doesn’t ease concerns over quarry – January 18, 2009
Shackelford Quarry Practices
TCEQ, Air Permits Division Permanent Rock Crusher Stakeholder Group May 9, 2007
Technical Guidance Manual for Best Management Practices for Quarry Operations on the Edwards Aquifer – July 28, 2011
Texas quarry one of the first in the state to go dry – May 3, 2011
VR Aggregates

Water Quality
1403 Stakeholder Engagement Plan
Ban the Use of Coal Tar (PAH) Sealants
City considers ban on pavement product possibly linked to water pollution
Dry Comal Creek Plan
Emerging Contaminants Fact Sheet
GEAA Comments CoSA-PAH – May 29, 2016
HB595 Bill
Pumping impacts to Devils River
Tell TCEQ to protect the Edwards Aquifer by protecting Hill Country streams
Water-Resource Management of the Devils River Watershed Final Report

Fuel Storage Tanks
Uresti Urges County to Sue Over Leaking Storage Tanks

Toll Roads
The Application by DHJB Development, LLC for an Amendment to Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (TPDES)
Toll Roads – Cox Declaration – December
Toll Roads – McKechnie Declaration – December
Toll Roads – Meshanko Declaration – December
Toll Roads – Veni Declaration – December 13
Toll Roads – Barker Declaration – December 19
Toll Roads – Appendix of Facts for AGUA’s Preliminary Injunction – December 21
Toll Roads – Preliminary Injunction Motion and Memorandum – December 21

Flooding Drainage in District 9
Mr. Krier Cries Wolf over Flooding
Open Space Best Protection Against Catastrophic Flooding
San Antonio Needs Strong Stormwater Policies

GEAA meting to set priorities for 2016

Community Rain Gardens Project Synopsis
Proposal for Decision – March 9
Texas Environmental Law Journal: “A Defence of the Contested Case Hearing Processor TCEQ Environmental Permit Decisions”


EAA Water Quality Advisory Group Imp. Cover Comments – Pro/Con Attachments A&B – January
EAA Water Quality Advisory Group Imp. Cover Comments – SAWS – January 13
GEAA White Paper: Permanent BMPs within the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone in Bexar County – February
Settlement Agreement between San Geronimo Valley Alliance and BP Properties (Hills of Castle Rock) – February
GEAA Comments on the Revised Tree Preservation Ordinance – March 25


EAA Impervious Cover Rules Expanded Concept Framework – Draft for Discussion – December 30
Judge Biery’s amusing toll road ruling – February 5


Steubing Ranch and Golden-Cheeked Warbler Habitat map
SOAH Contested CCN Case – Schindel Deposition – March 13
AGUA CASE: Center for Bio Diversity Settlement: Feds Agree to Increase Critical Habitat Protection for 12 Texas Endangered Species – December 18
American RIvers’ Report: How Will Climate Change Affect Our Rivers? – Winter 2008-2009
American Rivers’ Report: Stormwater As A Resource – Winter 2008-2009


GEAA Friend of Court brief in support of the City of San Antonio – January 9


Aquifer Protection Initiative (API) Fact Sheet – April2004

American Farmland Trust Report: The Value of Farmland and Open Space in Bexar County
American Farmland Trust Report: The Value of Farmland and Open Space in Hays County
CASE Statement: “Coming to the Guadalupe – the New Braunfels Outer Loop
GEAA Letter to Ask SAWS Board to Withdraw Applications to Expand Service
LID Workshop: Abby Hall – Codes and Ordinances
LID Workshop: Abby Hall – Incentives
LID Workshop: Abby Hall – Overview of Green Infrastructure at the EPA
LID Workshop: Andrew Winter – Bexar County Storm Water Quality Program
LID Workshop: Bob Browning – San Antonio Drainage Ordinances
LID Workshop: Chris Kloss – Green Infrastructure Design
LID Workshop: Chris Kloss – Green Streets
LID Workshop: Debbie Reid – Tree Preservation
LID Workshop: Dr. Ming-Han Li – Large Scale Bioretention
Steubing Ranch and Karst Zones Critical Habitat map
What You Can Do About Global Warming