San Antonio Express-News (TX)
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YOUR TURN : Focus: Development
Publication Date : March 1, 2007
Look at Hill Country now
Please, San Antonio and Bexar County, make it your business to take a Sunday drive this weekend.

I suggest you drive west on Interstate 10 to Camp Bullis Road. Turn left through Crownridge. Turn right on Lusky. Follow Lusky to Babcock. Turn right on Babcock to Kyle Seale Parkway. Turn left on Kyle Seale to Loop 1604.

If this doesn't reorient your picture of the Hill Country, we have no hope.

-- Mary Schuetze

Put aquifer before profit

Our thanks to Carlos Guerra for his column "With development, retired couple's dream home now is anything but" (Feb. 22) for exposing the flawed county and state environmental grandfathering policy.

My husband and I are also eyewitnesses to the destruction of our neighborhood caused by the county's and state officials' lack of resolve to push for more stringent environmental protection.

Individual homeowners are powerless against the developers' lobbyists. We have talked with county commissioners and state lawmakers, but their only response is that the developers are within their rights to do whatever they wish.

Uncontrolled development will mean we have more water restrictions sooner and longer. The Kyle Seale area is part of the Edwards Aquifer and should be protected for future generations. It should not be overdeveloped. Laws must be passed to ensure the environment and aquifer come ahead of profit.

-- Stan and Ann Fritz

Destruction is noticed

We are very appreciative of Carlos Guerra's Feb. 22 column and the interest and attention he and Annalisa Peace of the Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance showed us.

We have been hard-pressed to find anyone from the local to state government to take much interest in the destruction and devastation of the property surrounding us. This has caused much damage and placed hardship on us and the well-being of our neighbors. Again, thank you, Mr. Guerra and Ms. Peace.

-- Dorothy and Stanley Miller