San Antonio Express-News (TX)
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Your Turn; Focus: The Alamo City
Publication Date : June 28, 2007
New council, same vote
Carlos Guerra's column "Report from 1995 told what city must do to protect Camp Bullis" (Saturday) supplies more proof that the current term limits deprive the council of institutional memory and continuity.

How many council members have displaced their predecessors since protection of Camp Bullis was first broached? And how many times must development over the Edwards Aquifer be defeated?

Each succeeding council apparently has done what Guerra reports just happened -- postponed a vote.

Ah, and right next to Guerra's column, Jaime Castillo describes how the "developer-friendly new mayor" of Helotes appears ready to surrender irreplaceable open space, despite the private and public entities actively seeking its acquisition. Is voter apathy in there someplace?

-- Adelaide Winston

Awash in controversy

How would San Antonio citizens feel if they suddenly learned Houston was going to drill wells in the brackish-water part of the Edwards Aquifer, desalinate it and pipe it to Houston? They would be up in arms.

Now you know how the citizens of Atascosa County feel since the San Antonio Water System finally announced what it had been planning quietly for more than a year -- to take brackish water from beneath the Carrizo Aquifer, desalinate it and pipe it into San Antonio.

Atascosa citizens are upset. At two public forums, Atascosans by the scores have let it be known that they do not want SAWS taking any Atascosa County water resources.

Yet the opening sentence of "Brackish water could ease San Antonio's drought pains" (Monday) calls the plan "uncontroversial." Nothing could be further from the truth.

-- Robert L. Ulrich,


Bring back Kelly name

I keep reading in the Express-News about Port San Antonio. I don't know who the "authorities" are who removed Kelly from the name of the location that has been known as Kelly Field or Kelly AFB to everybody, not only in San Antonio, but all over the U.S. and much of the world.

I don't object to Port San Antonio, but I don't understand why Kelly was dropped. Why couldn't it be Kelly Port San Antonio, Port of San Antonio at Kelly, Kelly Field Port, Port at Kelly Field or any combination that keeps Kelly in the name?

I suspect most San Antonians have no idea where Port San Antonio is located. But they all know Kelly.

Why was Kelly dropped? It's an insult to the city, our history, our culture and the many people who worked there over several generations. It's not too late to get Kelly back in that name. Let's see it done.

-- Nell Fenner Grover

A can-do kind of town

I was in San Antonio last weekend to attend the National Associaton of Resale and Thrift Shops convention.

I wanted to thank you for your generous hospitality and spirit! You have a can-do attitude that was felt throughout my stay. From the Sheraton Gunter, the St. Anthony, San Fernando Cathedral, the River Walk, the Southwest School of Art & Craft and the cabdrivers to everything in between, I give your beautiful city an A+++.

-- Julie Hogg,